Although we can't confirm a Facebook report of a tornado damaging a house in Mays Landing during Saturday evening's violent weather, there was evidence to be seen around South Jersey Sunday of numerous trees that were knocked down by the storm in South and a billboard that was destroyed on the Black Horse Pike in Atlantic City.

There is also a dramatic video from the Mays Landing Fire Department showing a power transformer outside of the department's fire station on Reliance Avenue at 7:51 pm Saturday.

The video was caught on the fire company's surveillance camera and it's shocking.

A car is seen driving slowly down the street just before the lightning strike and then the flash fills the screen for a few seconds when the strike hits the power transformer.

The startled driver is then seen again braking and turning, and, one would assume, trying to get away from the point of the explosion he had just witnessed.

As far as we know, there was no other damage during this blast and, luckily no one was hurt, but it certainly is dramatic.

Here is the video from the Mays Landing Fire Department.

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