Ventnor Police plan to use DUI checkpoints in high visibility locations this summer to try to get intoxicated drivers off the roads and they want you to know about it in advance.

The Ventnor Police put out a press release on Facebook Sunday detailing their plans to bring back summer drunk driving checkpoints in an effort to prevent motorists from driving while intoxicated.

Ventnor Police have used the checkpoints in the past and they say that officers involved in those efforts reported that more people responded by using designated drivers.

The checkpoints real success will be when no DWI arrests are made during the checkpoints, as the prevention of Drunken Driving is the main goal in conducting DWI checkpoints.

The checkpoint will be set up in a high visibility area to give the impression of a greater risk to the intoxicated driver, of being detected, which hopefully will discourage persons from drinking and driving.

Police don't give the exact location or dates for the checkpoints.

The checkpoint will be funded with drunk driving enforcement funds, which is money collected by the Municipal Court, as added costs, in addition to fines levied against persons found guilty of driving while intoxicated.

Additional funding for the checkpoint has also been made available thru the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Additional officers will be assisting with the checkpoint from allied Atlantic County Police Departments who have conducted checkpoints throughout the summer under the supervision of the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office.

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