The Ventnor City Library and Community Center has been closed temporarily with a bedbug problem, according to the city website. The notice to close the building at 6500 Atlantic Avenue until Wednesday, Aug. 8, was posted on the Ventnor City website, saying that bedbugs had been found in the public seating and that the furniture had been removed and destroyed and that the entire building would be professionally treated.

The web post advises anyone who has visited the library or community center in the last two weeks to check their belongings.

A recorded message at the Culture Arts Center said the summer arts camp, yoga classes and watercolor classes will be canceled.

Here is the text of the message from the city pertaining to the bedbugs...

Library, Cultural Arts and Community Center Temporarily Closed

The Ventnor Cultural Arts Center and the Atlantic County Library Ventnor Branch at 6500 Atlantic Ave. will be closed until Wednesday, August 8.

Bedbugs have been identified in some of the public seating today. The furniture has been removed and destroyed, and the entire building is being professionally treated.

Please check your belongings if you have visited the library or community center in the last two weeks.

The city will monitor this situation going forward, and the canine dog from the exterminator will be brought in to make sure there are no new outbreaks.

We will notify you through this same source once the building is reopened.

Source:  Ventnor City website

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