Longport Police are reporting that two cars were stolen in the borough early Sunday morning. One of the vehicles was found later in a casino parking garage in Atlantic City.

A white Mercedes GLC was stolen on Pelham Avenue, between Atlantic and Ventnor avenues in Longport early June 18th, police said in a Facebook post. The car was recovered later in the parking garage at Bally's Casino.

A white Porsche 911 Carrera convertible was also stolen early Sunday morning on the beach block of Woodcrest Avenue. That vehicle remains missing.

There has been a rash of stolen high-end vehicles in shore towns over the last two summer seasons, with Longport being a popular target.

On May 30, Longport Police reported that a blue 2021 BMW 750 was taken from the 1500 block of Atlantic Avenue in Longport.

At the time, Longport Police urged folks to lock their cars and that "leaving the keys inside an unsecured vehicle makes it incredibly easy to steal."

If you have any information about these stolen vehicles, contact Longport Police.

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