It's against the law, it's dishonest and it is wrong -- but it sure is creative. This is a new one to me.

An Atlantic City man was arrested by Longport Police Tuesday for trying to use the address of a home in Longport to establish a phony cell phone account and steal a new iPhone 13 PRO.

Here's what happened. Longport Police received information early Tuesday about suspected fraud. In a Facebook post, Police say they got a complaint from a resident saying it appeared as though someone had opened a wireless cell phone account using their address on the 3100 block of Pacific Avenue in Longport to purchase a new iPhone 13 PRO.

Longport officers Quinton Wright and Joshua Sikoryak investigated and worked with federal carriers to determine how this had happened. They discovered that the suspect had made arrangements to have the new cell phone delivered to his bogus new address.

To quote the police Facebook message,  the idea didn't go exactly as planned for the cell phone thief.

...however at the time the suspect arrived and grabbed the package from the front steps, he was apprehended by Officers Wright and Sikoryak along with patrol supervisor Sgt Jamie Silva.

The suspect, Angel Herasme-Medina, 36, from Atlantic City, was taken into custody and charged with theft, receiving stolen property, and trespassing.

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Police say package thefts and fraud are becoming more commonplace and they advise you to alert your local police department should you suspect any suspicious activity.

Doorbell cameras and other outdoor surveillance can also be registered with the police department to help in the investigation of theft and fraud cases or porch piracy.

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