What are New Jersey's beach commandments?

We asked you to tell us about the beach behaviors that are acceptable and, mostly unacceptable, on the beaches of New Jersey this summer.

Boy, did you tell us! We received hundreds of responses to our Facebook post asking, what are "New Jersey's Beach Commandments?"

Honestly, though, most of your commandments dealt with just about a dozen topics people kept coming back to over and over. These hot-button topics or behaviors seem to be the things that people do while at the beach that annoys the heck out of the rest of us.

It kind of makes you wonder why these things continue to happen so often at the beach when they consistently get on our nerves so much.

Perhaps we just need a reference source where people can turn that explains to them clearly and concisely that, for example, they shouldn't be feeding the seagulls at the beach?

I mention feeding the seagulls because that was the commandment that we saw the most in your Facebook comments.

Funny that something that bothers so many people still happens so frequently. But there were some other complaints and heated or funny observations that just kept popping up.

Yes, what we need is a reference source to explain why this bad behavior at the beach is unacceptable. How about a set of commandments?

New Jersey's Beach Commandments! There you have it. We put together this set of commandments for you to refer to before doing anything you think could possibly bother your neighbors at the beach. Did we miss anything?

Take a look at the beach commandments...

New Jersey's Beach Commandments: Do's & Don'ts at the Beach

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