The coronavirus continues to wreck havoc on the restaurant and food services industry in 2020. Indoor dining resumed in July in the Garden State but only at 25% capacity and the looming cold weather will put an end to most outdoor dining.

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A slew of restaurants in the U.S. and South Jersey never got the chance to open their doors again since the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March.

Two more restaurants located in Atlantic City will keep their doors shut for good and not reopen according to the Press of Atlantic City. The Continental and Buddakan which were both located in the former Playground Pier. The pandemic has been especially hard on the restaurant business in general in Atlantic City.

I'll miss the Continental's 60's mod vibe and their astronaut martini which was made with real tang. We would always stop at their Philly location whenever we went  to visit my son at The University of the Arts. Buddakan was famous for their Asian cuisine and especially their edamame ravioli.

So many South Jersey restaurants are open and need our support to stay in business for the foreseeable future.

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