Trump Plaza is no more. The implosion of the building that was once the centerpiece of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, but in later years had become a monstrous eyesore, was a little late happening Wednesday morning.

Somehow, the fact that, after all this time and  planning, they still weren't quite ready to bring the remaining structure of the former casino down on time, was poetic justice.

But at 9:07am, a quick countdown was given and a terrific roar was heard from inside the walls of the remaining structure not already demolished in advance of implosion day.

Then, in less than half a minute, Trump Plaza was gone from the Atlantic City skyline.

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“Five years to build and two seconds to go down!” someone yelled. “A puff of smoke!” said another voice on the implosion livestream.

I asked Lite Rock listeners and some Facebook friends if I could share their photos of Wednesday's implosion in a gallery. You have probably seen a dozen different videos of the building falling, and, while that is admittedly pretty darn cool, you get a different idea of things with still photographs.

We have some great shots compiled for you to see here.

The first several photos are single pictures that tell parts of the story of the event, from the building in mid-tumble to the resulting dust cloud over the beach and the ocean.

Then, there are two extraordinary photo montages of the actual implosion, taken from different sides of the building, giving you a real photo play-by-play of the Trump Plaza coming down.

Special thanks to Nicole Mears, Photographer John Loreaux, Ruth Cordley, Mike Buccafurni, Sherri Colan and Jack Fahey for allowing me to use their stunning photos.

Enjoy the views....


Trump Plaza Implosion - Listener Photos Catch the Moment

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