Looks like we may be getting a double dose of winter storms this coming weekend with snow, rain, ice and wind. Are you ready?

According to our Lite Rock meteorologist Dan Zarrow, the timeline for the storms will be Thursday evening into Friday morning and Saturday night into possibly Monday. Yikes! Here it comes! The second storm is said to have the strongest impact on our area.

Storm #1 looks like a rain event for us and storm #2 could bring a mix of heavy snow, heavy rain, ice and possible flooding.

If you're not up for shoveling for this winter, or if you're considering hiring someone to remove snow from your business or driveway, then this list is for you.

According to Yelp, here’s the top rated snow removal services for the South Jersey area:

Bayview Nurseries & Garden Center - Serving Northfield and the Surrounding area, 609-641-0648

Macchione's Landscaping - Serving Atlantic and Cape May counties for over 20 years 609-652-8080

Fresh Cut Landscape Management Professionals - Located on Doughty Rd in EHT, 609-653-2197

M&J Gonzalez Landscaping - Serving Lindenwold and the surrounding area.  856-419-8371

Tree Affect- Serving Middle Township and the surrounding area- 609-231-7629

Mitchell Nichols Excavating & Demolition - Rio Grande, (609) 465-5970

Griswold Landscaping-  Serving Ocean View and surrounding area- 609-390-9575

Douglass Landscaping Services- Serving Cape May and surrounding area 609-778-4448

Murphy's Lawn Care - Serving Wildwood Crest and surrounding area- 609-770-7965

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