Halloween 2019 is here and October 31st is not just for kids anymore. Halloween is also a big business for adults looking to escape from their everyday stresses by dressing up in costume.

Halloween also is synonymous with candy, lots and lots of candy. According to USA Today, we are  expected to spend a scary amount of money on Halloween candy in 2019, $2.6 billion to be exact. That's a lot of Hershey's, Reese's, Kit Kat's, Milky Way's, M & M's and candy corn!

If you're suffering from candy overload this Halloween, you can donate your extras to those who so deserve a sweet treat this Halloween season.

Soldiers and Angels.org have partnered with the website Halloween Candy Buy Back.com for Treats for Troops. Your donated candy will go to deployed service members or veterans in VA Hospitals all over the country. More than 130 tons of candy have been collected for these great causes!

Think how happy you'll make our troops when you bring a stash of sweet Halloween treats in to be donated!

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