We have a TikTok star in New Jersey! TikTok is the home of memes in this stage of social media and a Tom’s River kid is blowing up right now. It all started when a TikTok was posted to an account called ‘bcctplay’ on TikTok and it ended up going viral.

BCCT is a community theatre group that runs out of Toms River, New Jersey. They often put on shows at the Grunin Center for the Arts which is located on the Ocean County College campus.


They’re putting on their rendition of Finding Nemo Jr. and the traction it has gotten from people beyond not just Ocean County, but New Jersey alone is insane. The TikTok was posted to promote the show which is happening in just about a week or so in Toms River.

It’s a video of what I’m assuming is the kid who’s playing ‘Nemo’, singing a song from the show to give the audience a teaser for what’s to come.

Since then, TikTok has taken the video and captioned it in all different ways and made this Toms River theater kid go viral!


He has the cutest singing voice and this has to be the most amazing promo for their production of Finding Nemo. I even caught myself reposting different versions of the video onto my Instagram before I even realized this was a local theater company!

If you want to check out BCCT’s production of Finding Nemo and see this TikTok star in action, there are performances on Friday, August 4th, Saturday, August 5th, and Sunday, August 6th in Toms River, NJ. Find more info on the official site here if you’re interested in getting tickets to support this local theater group! 

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