If you have a teenager you wouldn’t be surprised that a recent study found that only 5% of them are exercising enough, limiting their screen time or getting their needed amount of sleep.

All three of these behaviors have been linked to negative consequences for the health of teens, including the increased risk of depression, poor school performance, and obesity.

It is recommended that teens get eight to ten hours of sleep per night and one hour of vigorous physical activity daily, and much less time on screens and devices. The way adolescents spend their time can strongly influence their health later in life.

For youth to maintain a healthy future, they need plenty of sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, and time to form relationships with family, friends, and caring adults. But they need our guidance.

Have your teens go to bed and get up at the same time every day.  Do not allow cell phones or any electronics in their bedroom at night.  In addition, encourage kids to join a sports team, encourage active activities with the family and make sure your teen gets some sort of physical activity every day.


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