💵 New Jersey is holding on to $6 billion in unclaimed money and property

💵 NJ returned $203 million across 73,000 claims in 2022

💵 Hundreds of thousands of names were added to the database in the past year

New Jersey is safeguarding more than $6 billion in unclaimed money and property — which the state can never use itself — and some of it may be yours.

Over the past year, close to 237,000 records were added to New Jersey's unclaimed property database. So if you've checked the site in the past, you may want to give it another shot.

Millions of names are included in the database, and some people are in line to receive more than one payout.

What kind of unclaimed property?

Property that has been abandoned or lost by New Jersey residents and businesses for at least three years is taken on by the state until the rightful owners come forward.

Unclaimed property includes utility deposits, insurance payouts, bank accounts, dividends, and more, along with real physical property. The administration also handles items from an estate that never reach their intended beneficiaries.

"Last year, we returned over $202 million, which was an all-time record for New Jersey," Unclaimed Property Administrator Steven Harris told New Jersey 101.5.

Do I have unclaimed property?

The Unclaimed Property Administration is underway with an advertising campaign to promote the latest list of assets. Beyond placing the listings in local newspapers, UPA is hosting public outreach events across the state.

But you can do the searching yourself, for free, by visiting this site. Search for your name, or maiden name, or business, and see if it comes back with a hit. The listing may include a former address.

If you find a match, make a claim through the site — again, for free. If you have information like your Social Security number, New Jersey may be able to process your claim right away. If the process involves an estate claim, you'll likely need to provide additional documentation.

If unclaimed, the state holds on to the property in perpetuity. Unlike most states, New Jersey pays interest on the property from the time it's received until the time it's paid out.

According to UPA, nearly 33 million people in the U.S. — or one in 10 — has unclaimed property.

Third-party companies may reach out to folks to connect them with their assets, but that convenience comes with a fee. There is no charge for searching UPA's database or for filing a claim.

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