The organizers of "Blow Bubbles 4 Autism" are hoping the third time is the charm for breaking the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously blowing soap bubbles. The last two years, the group thought they had the support to break the Guinness World Record for bubble blowing, only to come up short when verify their numbers through the complicated Guinness system. The effort is aimed at generating attention about autism, the developmental brain disorder which causes impairments in a person’s ability to communicate, socially interact, and results in repetitive and unusual behaviors.

This annal event is also the year's biggest fundraiser for the FACES Organization (Families for Autistic Children Education & Support).  FACES was started in 2002 by Isabelle and Ken Mosca from Ventnor, after their son Kyle was diagnosed.

With lessons learned from coming up short the past two years, FACES will try again this Thursday, April 26th, enlisting hundreds of school kids,  business people, and an ever-expanding group of dedicated followers.

Once again this year, Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG is proud to be one of the sponsors for this important community event.  The time for the coordinated bubble-blow has been pushed back to 1:15p.m. to allow interested  schools in three west coast states to help break the record.

If you would like to be a part of Thursday's record attempt, there are three public South Jersey locations where you're welcome: Acme Market in Somers Point, Island Dental in Margate and at Lite Rock's live broadcast at the ARC of Atlantic County, Delilah Road in Egg Harbor Township.