Well, well, well, the potty mouths aren't in Jersey - they're in Pennsylvania!

So to speak.

Earlier, my colleague Eddie Davis wrote a story about the Most Naughty Sounding Town Names in New Jersey. Yeah, New Jersey has some questionable ones - but nothing like our neighbors to the west!

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Whoever named towns and cities in Pennsylvania must have had quite a sense of humor!

Near Lancaster alone are at least a couple of towns with - shall we say - questionable names! Is it the Amish influence that has led to towns being named Intercourse and Blue Ball?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Other areas of Pennsylvania include towns such as Climax, Rough and Ready, and Puseyville.

What about Beaver? Honey Pot? Honey Hole?

Some might find Bumpville a little questionable. What goes on there when the sun goes down?

There is a Lover, Pennsylvania, and a Mount Joy.

(I don't know who Joy was....)

There's a Virginville, Pennsylvania, and even Two Lick Valley.

(One lick apparently wasn't enough.)

So, let's backtrack - where did the name Intercourse come from? According to Wanderwisdon.com, the word intercourse "commonly referred to a commercial or trading site." Oh, so, it wasn't dirty then, but now......?

I'd say Pennsylvania has more town names that you cover the kids' eyes as you drive through - what do you think?

SOURCE: Wanderwisdom.com.

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