You've noticed how Walmart and other big box retailers are locking up more expensive and easy-to-steal items in glass cases to deter shoplifting.

Chances are you've had to track down a clerk with a key to let you into the locked cabinet to get your item. I hate that.

Still, you're not gonna believe the next items that may soon be kept in locked cabinets in New Jersey Walmarts.

Stores Are Locking Up All Kinds of Things to Prevent Theft

I put together an informal list of items now kept in locked cases at big box stores. This is awful. People will steal anything, won't they?

Of course, electronics and jewelry, baby formula, diapers, and razors have been locked away for years now. But, now they're locking up TIde pods, body wash, pain relievers, candy, nuts, sponges, ice cream, and even toothpaste. Toothpaste?

These Items Are Next To Be Locked Up at New Jersey Walmarts

Following the lead of stores in other parts of the country with retail theft problems, experts are predicting that underwear and socks will soon be under lock and key.

Did you ever think that the underwear aisle would need this kind of security?

I don't like the idea that I have to ask a 19-year-old female Walmart clerk to open the door so that I can buy some new Hanes briefs.

Yeah, I'm a briefs guy. You gotta problem with that?

Where Will It End?

As major retail chains close stores where the loss of profits is highest, there may soon come a time when everything is kept out of the reach of the customers.

That being said, there are contradictory reports that retailers are overstating the amount of theft happening to explain lagging sales.

These stores better watch out, too. Surveys report that most people say they are less likely to shop in stores where everything they want is locked up.

It is a tough time to be in retail.

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