New Jersey is a diverse state with a proud heritage of showing off the varied cultures that come together to make us a community.

Surely, the most common last name in New Jersey must be an old-world Italian name or a Polish name rooted in their homeland, perhaps a Hispanic family name, or maybe even a Jewish name that came about during the immigration process to the United States.

Sometimes, our thought process is just more complicated than it needs to be.

These Are the most popular last names in New Jersey:

  • Smith
  • Williams
  • Johnson

And check this out.  Not only are those the most common last names in New Jersey, but they reflect the same most common last names in the US as well, although in a different order.

The most common last name in the U.S.

  • Smith
  • Johnson
  • Williams

Have you ever wondered where last names originated?  I mean, did someone wake up one day back in the day and decide, I think "I want to be addressed as Mr. Smith from now on?"

According to the site, most of our last names were assigned to our ancestors based on their trade.

For instance, the site claims the name Smith is of English or Scottish descent and was given to those who worked with metal, like a blacksmith.

Have you ever wondered the origin of your last name? You can do a free search at

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