Do you ever wonder if you're actually related to someone when you realize you have the same last name? My curiosity level really goes berserk whenever I see someone with the same last name as me on Facebook or any social media platform. Especially with a last name like Guida!

You can now find out just how common your last name is in New Jersey, thanks to the folks at and 24/7 Wall Street.

Here's a list of the most common last names in the Garden State and their national rank. FYI, Smith is the most common last name in every part of the U.S. This includes New Jersey! You may be shocked at just how many people share that last name in the state (and across the nation).

Check it the most common last names in New Jersey:

#1. Smith

#2. Williams

#3. Johnson

Here are the most common last names in the country:

#1. Smith

#2. Johnson

#3. Williams

#4. Jones

#5. Brown



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