Do you ever get the feeling that we're not alone? Some strongly believe in extraterrestrial life, while others strongly disagree.

Even if you don't believe, you have to admit that strange things have happened with no explanation, especially in the skies overlooking South Jersey.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center's website, there was over 50 UFO sightings in the Garden State last year, with 8 of those being reported in South Jersey.

Check out these sightings:

  1. Cape May -11/1 - Small lightning bolt with purple flairs.
  2. Margate - 9/15 - 4 bright oval lights in a straight row.
  3. Rio Grande - 9/6 - White dot changes directions.
  4. Wildwood Crest - 8/9 - Bright UFO in the South sky.
  5. Little Egg Harbor - 7/29 - Two bright circles over Walmart parking lot.
  6. Borderntown - 7/15 - Alien sighting in sky.
  7. Deptford - 7/2 - Magnificent ultra bright light/shape in sky east of downtown Philly.
  8. Galloway - 4/13 - Bright light making strange movements.
  9. Egg Harbor Township - 3/15 - Triangle shape in the sky.
  10. Haddonfield - 1/18 - Airplane like object with green and red lights in the sky.

Have you ever seen something strange and lurking in the skies over South Jersey?



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