Being called for jury duty in Atlantic County will hopefully become a little less of a hassle beginning this week, thanks to new online juror portal.

Prospective jurors in Atlantic County are now able to respond to jury duty summonses online and interact with the court in real time under a new system, which became available on Friday. What took so long?

Atlantic County Superior Court is the first to introduce the Judiciary’s new juror summons system. The program will expand statewide by the end of the year, according to a press release.

As part of the changes, a single postcard will replace the letter-sized paper summons mailed to prospective jurors advising them of the date and location of jury duty and providing instructions to complete an online qualification questionnaire.

Prospective jurors who do not complete online qualification within three weeks will receive a letter-sized questionnaire to be completed and mailed back to the local jury management office.

In addition to the new summons forms, a new juror portal will allow prospective jurors to ask questions or request deferrals or postponements online for quicker responses. The portal also will enhance email and text message communications between jurors and the jury management office.

Source: NJ Courts

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