Let me say up front that I have many friends who are Philadelphia sports fans.  They're kind, generous professionals who love their teams, and may occasionally talk smack, but are otherwise harmless.

I've never seen them arrested for fighting in the stands, and sometimes their language gets salty, but hardly overly offensive.  To the best of my knowledge, none of them have thrown snowballs at Santa.

When we moved South, and we'd talk sports, whenever the subject of a Philly sports team came up, people would always have something negative to say about the fans.

I'd typically defend my Philly brothers by saying Philly sports fans are just passionate. They live and die with their teams.  And who else has a mascot as loveable as the Philly Phanatic?

Then there's a night like Tuesday.  For those who haven't seen the news, the Phillies presented Dollar Dog Night.  As a sports fan, this is a fantasy realized.  Dollar hotdogs?

The Philly Captain via YouTube
The Philly Captain via YouTube

With the Phillies down 8-4, Phillies fans began tossing hotdogs at each other.  Hotdogs and wrappers were flying like snowballs at an Eagles game.

6ABC Philadelphia/Canva
6ABC Philadelphia/Canva

There are reports that the team had a running tally of hotdogs sold.  By 9 pm, they claim 58,000 hotdogs had been sold.  Let me put this in perspective.

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The average Phillies ticket cost roughly $61.00, and that doesn't include parking, tolls, etc.  Phillies fans, waited in huge lines, missing a good part of the game for a chance to buy a dollar hotdog, and then those fans got into a hotdog fight in the stands?

Here's something to keep in mind.  Incredibly, the Phillies have another Dollar Dog Night in two weeks!  Thankfully, they no longer do Bat Nights.

No word on whether the Phillies plan on discontinuing hotdog sales after the 7th inning.

Phillies fans toss garbage at each other on $1 hot dog night (nypost.com)

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