Online gambling could be at risk....

The law being put into question is the Wire Act which supposedly makes it illegal for people to do any type of online betting if it in anyway crosses state lines -- meaning that this limitation does not just apply to sports betting.

So after deeming that this was okay back in 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice is looking to change how things are done with online gambling and if the 23-page opinion passes, they have already declared that they will wait 90 days to implement the new rules to give businesses time to make the necessary changes.

This geographical limitation could truly hurt the gambling industry but it is by far one of the biggest revenues for the casinos in Atlantic City. A release just revealed that the gambling revenue has reached a whopping 300 million dollars.

Professionals have always weighed in saying the lines of what breaks this rule could be come significantly blurred also being a reason that the online gambling industry would take a big nose dive.

“Some could go really far and say even if you send a text message to a casino customer in another state and you are saying ‘Come play blackjack this weekend here’s a deal,’ arguably you can say that is information that assists in the placement of a wager,” said Jennifer Roberts, associate director of the International Center for Gaming Regulation. “I doubt it will go that far, but we will once again be subject to the interpretation.”

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