If you can't win the big lottery jackpot, the hope is that somebody you know wins it.

Well, maybe they did!

We just don't know, and we may never know.

Officials with the New Jersey Lottery say they have a first: a big jackpot winner who want to remain totally anonymous.

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Actually, there probably were a lot of winners who wanted to remain anonymous - they just couldn't. New Jersey law used to force winners to at least have their name and the city where they live revealed. Now, the law has changed.

it was changed in January of this year, and now, for the first time, a big winner (of $202 Million) has decided to remain completely anonymous.

About the only thing we know about the winner is that they bought the winning ticket for the February drawing at a Quick Stop Food Store in Edison, Middlesex County.

Actually, the winner did have something to say, according to lottery officials:

The player mentioned that they first saw this announcement that day on Facebook and went to their car to check the lucky ticket. The winner, completely shocked, managed to compose themselves enough to get back to work while they gathered their thoughts and made a plan.

The winner, overwhelmed with the good news and unsure what to do next, watched the press conference live on Facebook and diligently took notes. That lucky player immediately signed the ticket and went to a lawyer, who confirmed the steps they should take to handle this massive prize properly.

So... was it you? Or, was it me?


SOURCE: NJ Lottery

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