Parenting may be the most difficult job you will ever have. It's a job that requires attention twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Teens are complicated creatures.  Many of the things on the list are typical of just being a teen.

Communication is an important part of parenting.  If your gut sends you a message, pay attention.

Signs Your Kid May Be Using Drugs

  •   Drug Paraphernalia

This is a difficult one.  Many everyday household items can be used as drug paraphernalia.  Some of the more common things that are used include:

Plastic Baggies, Gum Wrappers, Brillo/Steel Pads, Pill Bottles, Electric Cigarettes, Pipes, Spoons, Razor Blades, Tin Foil, Straws, Plastic Tubes  

Education Images/Universal Image
Education Images/Universal ImageWeight Changes
  • Rapid Weight Loss 

Sudden weight change is another sign of possible abuse issues.

  • Mood Swings/Drowsiness/Change in Personality

Is your kid more ornery than usual?  Is he/she sleeping more often, less energetic, and lethargic?

  • Sudden Change in Grades at School

Have you noticed a student who usually performs well, all of a sudden seeing a drop in performance at school?

  • Withdrawing from Friends

Not just withdrawing from his/her usual crowd, but have you noticed new acquaintances?

Is he/she more secretive about who they are hanging out with and where they are going?

  • Odd Smells/Lack of Attention to Personal Hygiene

If you don't know what marijuana smells like, the best way to describe it is burnt rope or even skunk.

You might try stopping by your local police department and see if they can show you a sample.

  • Physical Changes Including Dilated Pupils, Red Eyes, Unexplained Bruising

Red eyes and dilated pupils can be a sign of drug or alcohol use.


Signs of Teen Drug Use are Common in Teens Who Don't Use Drugs

As you review this list, it's important to note that many of these points are very common in kids who don't use drugs or alcohol.

You must know your kid and keep an open line of communication.

As parents, we have that extra sense.  The one that tells us in our gut that something is wrong.

If you suspect your kid may be using drugs, contact a professional for counseling on how to deal with the situation.  Asking for help may be the difference between life and death.

15 Warning Signs That Your Kid May Be Using Drugs -

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