How did the country's most high-profile couple manage to fly into Philadelphia International Airport Sunday morning and no one got a photo of it?

That's what a report from Philly blogger HughE Dillon says.

Taylor & Travis Spent Easter in Delco, PA.

According to a report, Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce arrived at Philly airport at about 9 am Sunday on Atlantic Aviation -- a private airline -- and headed off to see his brother Jason Kelce and family at their home in Havertown, PA.

The Easter visit was intended to be an opportunity for Swift to meet Travis’ nieces including Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and baby Bennie for the very first time, according to US Magazine.

Based on their timetable, they certainly didn't hang around at Jason's home long enough to wear out their welcome.

The Couple Spent Sunday Night in Philly

Taylor and Travis spent Sunday night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City, apparently a favorite resting spot for Travis, before flying out of Philly at about 10 am Monday.

What Happened Next is a Mystery

The thinking on Monday was that the couple was headed to Hollywood for Monday night's IHEART Radio Music Awards, but, alas, Taylor was not in attendance for the awards show.

She won a boatload of awards anyway, including Artist of the Year, and gave a virtual acceptance speech.

“Thank you for voting for me for this incredible honor, artist of the year. I’m so blown away, I’m so thankful and I just can’t wait to keep having fun with you guys because we have a lot of exciting things coming up.”

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