If you have a tattoo that you do not like or no longer fits your lifestyle, we have good news!  Laser tattoo removal can help you say goodbye to your tatttoo. Jeffrey Gosin, Medical Director of Shore Vascular and Vein Center discusses how the procedure works and what you can expect.

Here's an excerpt from his website -

The Shore Vascular & Vein Center team takes advantage of the latest laser technology in the enlighten III  to reduce overall treatments and improve results. Lasers remove tattoos by delivering high energy directly into the ink beneath the surface of your skin, breaking it up into tiny particles. Those particles are then eliminated by your body’s own natural immune mechanisms.

The Shore Vascular & Vein Center is the first center in the entire Delaware Valley to offer the new enlighten III laser for tattoo removal. Enlighten III is the first laser system available to combine both picosecond and nanosecond pulse duration with three specific wavelength lasers. Never before has this combination of power and flexibility been available.

Laser removal is an outpatient procedure performed in Dr. Gosin’s office. Before treatment, Dr. Gosin numbs the site of your tattoo with a local anesthetic. Once the site is prepared, Dr. Gosin applies several pulses of laser energy to your tattoo, breaking up the ink.

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