Which Tastykake grab-and-go baked good is your favorite? Is it the Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes? What about the Honey Buns? Or, maybe it's one of Tastykake's many flavors of mini pies?

People all over the United States of America love to treat themselves to the deliciousness of a Tastykake every single day. While that's great for their tastebuds, New Jerseyans and Pennsylvania residents go to love these treats first. Tastykake is based out of Philadelphia! During the early years of the business, Tastykake only distributed to Philly and the surrounding regions. So, of course, South Jersey was included.

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To answer the question you are asking yourself right now, no, the rest of the country has not always had the ability to walk into a grocery or convenience store and grab a Tastykake when a craving for sweets hits them. Only in the last few decades has the company started to increase its distribution throughout the United States.

The company came a long way from the original bakery in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Now, they've got a HUGE set-up down in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Watch to find out how the Tastykake folks over in South Philadelphia make all the sweet treats we've come to know and love today! As the company's president, Paul Ridder, says, there's a science to achieving that taste South Jersey and the Delaware Valley loves so much. You'd be surprised to learn that workers are testing the cake batter every fifteen minutes to make sure it's perfect.


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