Love it or hate it, the smokestack of the shuttered B.L England power plant has been a landmark on the horizon between Atlantic and Cape May County for 62 years. By late October, that will no longer be the case.

When is the Implosion of the B.L. England Smokestack?

The planned implosion of the last piece of the Beesely's Point Generating Station in Upper Township is set for Thursday, Oct. 26.

Can I Get Up Close To the Stack Before It's Demolished?

Before that, the developers of the site, the Beesely's Point Development Group, are holding a "Say Goodbye to the Stack" day and giving you the chance to go on the site of the 463-foot tower, and, of course, take a selfie with it.

When Can I Take A Selfie With That Stack?

The “Say Goodbye to the Stack” event will be held on Saturday October 21st from 10:00am-12:00pm.

What Else Can I Do To That Stack?

You can also leave your mark on the smokestack with spray paint or a marker, according to the developers.

The purpose of the event is to reflect on the site's history, point out some unique areas of the property, as well as “decorate” the Stack with the artistic talents of Upper Township and Cape May County! Please come prepared with large markers or spray paint to make your mark before the October 26th implosion event.

What Does It Cost To Take a Stack Selfie?

There is no cost to attend "Say Goodbye to the Stack", but the event is a fundraiser for Upper Township Middle School and the Heritage Homestead Day program.

How Do I Get To That Stack?

Enter the property on Clay Ave., parking in the parking lot near the former plant. Overflow parking will be on North Shore Road.

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