The battle for rights to "Taco Tuesday" officially ended on Oct 20th with Gregory's Bar & Restaurant deciding it was more practical to settle than fight and relinquish its trademark on the name in New Jersey so Taco Bell and other taco sellers can use the phrase freely.

Gregory's Restaurant & Bar, at 900 Shore Road in Somers Point, has owned the trademark in New Jersey since 1982.

Taco John's, a rival restaurant chain to Taco Bell in Midwest and Western states, had owned the phrase Taco Tuesday in the other 49 states before the company gave up the rights in July.

That set up a fight between the giant Taco Bell and the local guy, Gregory's for those naming rights in New Jersey.

Greg Gregory, the owner of Gregory's had this take on the situation in July with

"Well, to tell you the truth, it's David versus Goliath. It wasn't bad when I had an offensive line in front of me with Taco John's, but they kind of folded their tent.

Greg Gregory realized that he didn't have the money to waste on a protracted legal dispute with Taco Bell. Hence, the two parties began negotiating and came to an agreement for Gregory's to drop the trademark battle and allow the name to be used by other businesses in New Jersey.

Taco Bell now says they will celebrate the settlement with a taco giveaway in New Jersey sometime in November.

Gregory's Bar & Restaurant will continue to have Taco Tuesdays as they have for 40 years.

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