I don't know about you, but when I see a deal, I always need to go for it. I'm not sure if that's for or against the argument made by a recent survey about shoppers here in the Garden State. All I can say is that I consider myself a bargain hunter.

Apparently, not all New Jersey residents can say the same. According to a new survey, New Jersey isn't exactly home to a majority of people that like to ball out on a budget. In layman's terms, most people here in the Garden State aren't always looking for the lowest prices when they go shopping. This news is shocking to me considering I always want to make sure I'm getting the best bang for my buck. Apparently, that's not everybody's goal here in Jersey. Weird, but okay.

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A survey by Crestline question 2300 people about their couponing habits. What they found out about the Garden State is that only 23% of shoppers will wait for an item they desire to actually go on sale. What residents here in Jersey prefer to do, however, is keep an eye on the price of certain items at all the different stores. The survey refers to that as "price patrolling."

NJ residents are also partial to coupon codes more so than the physical coupons themselves. That's probably because of all the online shopping everybody does. They're also not afraid to shop the clearance rack. Why would you be? You can find some pretty great stuff on clearance if you wait for the right time. For example, buy all of your new Christmas decorations after the first of the year when they're all seriously discounted. You can change your entire theme for under $150 if you wait to get everything on clearance!

The states that practice the most saving strategies are Mississippi, Alabama, and Indiana. Maybe, we should be thankful that not every NJ resident has to shop like that. Still, this information does mean that New Jersey residents are dishing out a heck of a lot more money for things than they need to be.

Source: Crestline.com 

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