You're already well aware of this if you're a New Jersey resident, but the Garden State oftentimes catches quite a lot of slack. Sure, it's expensive and there are a lot of people here, but all the stereotypes are robbing people from seeing all the great aspects of the state.

For example, you'll get some of the best rolls here that you'll ever have. Also, our school systems are top-notch here in the Garden State. The teachers are fabulous and the education that students receive is unparalleled when being compared to that of other states within the country. Even so, people will still find reasons to poke fun at the Garden State.

They have one less piece of ammunition, though, thanks to a recent survey that actually has found that New Jersey is a great place to raise a family.

According to the folks over at WalletHub, New Jersey has placed within the top ten BEST states in America to raise children. Makes sense! See above.

The schools are only one contributing factor to why New Jersey ranked so high; that state comes in as the 7th best place for families, to be exact. You can't forget about our healthcare. New Jersey's healthcare facilities are pretty amazing, too. There are plenty of gifted doctors and specialists that practice right here in the Garden State. Nobody has to travel very far to ensure that their family is getting excellent medical care.

Source: WalletHub

Believe it or not, the survey also determined that New Jersey offers some of the most affordable childcare in the country! Nobody actually thinks of putting "New Jersey" and "cheap" within the same sentence in that context. When childcare costs are lower, families don't have to worry as much about cutting back time at work so someone is always there for the kids.

So, take that, Jersey haters! If you're looking for somewhere pretty awesome to plant some roots and have a couple of kids, it looks like NJ's a pretty great place to do it!


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