A local surfer is being credited with saving three swimmers in trouble under the Ventnor Fishing Pier on Monday.

Chase Calhoun told 6ABC he was preparing to go surfing on Ventnor Beach when a friend told him there were three swimmers stuck in the water under the pier.

A video shows Calhoun using his surfboard to paddle over to the swimmers -- a man and two women.

"They were holding on to the pylons, like wrapped around the piece of wood, like lookin' like they were holding on for life. I'm a strong swimmer, I surf a lot, I never had to rescue anyone, though", Calhoun told 6ABC.

The 18-year-old and his friend helped the swimmers onto their surfboards one by one and paddled toward safety.

At that point, Ventnor City lifeguards arrived and rescued the last person, helping everyone get to safety.

Luckily, no one was injured.

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