Hello to all of my fellow Garden State drivers and Jersey Shore visitors.

Here is the deal.

This topic has been bugging me for a long time and I finally had to get it off my chest.


These past few weeks, I had to do a lot of driving on the Garden State Parkway and I just thought that I should clear something up so that we are all on the same page. (...and so I also don't explode internally)

Everyone knows the Garden State Parkway has both regular tolls that you have to stop and manually pay at and those glorious EZ Pass tolls to save time.

Well at the said EZ Pass tolls that are also labeled with a sign that says "Expressway," →→→YOU DON'T NEED TO SLOW DOWN UNDER THEM FOR YOU TO PAY YOUR TOLL!!

And that should be clear based on the title: EXPRESSWAY!

I had multiple people significantly slow down right before the toll and you should have seen my face turn bright red.

Not only can you go "full speed" to pay your toll but other drivers who know this are being put in danger. When you suddenly slow down at a place that is not expected, a catastrophic accident could be caused.

Slowing down for the old-fashioned, single-lane tolls is understandable because there is a very small space that your car needs to fit through.

But those Expressway lanes are meant to keep traffic moving. SO.👏 KEEP. 👏MOVING.👏

Ok....rant over.

Have a lovely day.

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