Those stink bugs are back and more obnoxious then ever.

They tend to intrude our homes during the winter to find a place to keep warm but they tend to travel in large numbers and can be nearly impossible to get rid of once they are present.

So let's take some extra precautions as the weather gets cooler.

Take a look:

1. Seal Off ALL Entry Points

I am talking about any cracks in your wall, that open space under your door, damaged window screens or any other openings that you think those bugs have even the slightest chance of slipping through. Experts suggest using silicone latex.

2. Keep Lights Off As Much As Possible

These little stinky things are actually attracted to light. You don't want to give them ANY reason to even come close to your household. And this includes sunlight: close your blinds and your drapes.

3. Dry Up Your Wet Areas

Experts suggest to check leaky pips, your laundry room and under sinks because these guy thrive off of moist areas. Dry it up and keep your fingers crossed.

4. Keep Food Airtight

You have to cut these guys off from any food sources. Use air tight containers, plastic bags and/or aluminum foil. They won't want to stay if they can't eat...hopefully.

5. Check Yourself & Belongings

Before you enter your home, check your jacket, purse, or any bags you bring in with you because yes, they will try to sneak their way in. These guys are smarter than we have given them credit for.

6. Outdoor Upkeep

Keep all shrubbery and landscaping neat and clean so the stink bugs don't hide within it. Plus, keep your firewood supply far away from your home.

7. Use The Vacuum

DON'T squish these suckers and the reason why is in their name. They let out a huge stinky odor but if you vacuum them up, it is an effective way to say "Hasta La Vista!" to these gross little guys.

If you do end up with a stink bug infestation, call a professional to take care of the job.

For more information on stink bugs and how to keep them out, click HERE or HERE.

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