I have to admit that I enjoy starting the weekend with either a cold one or a glass of wine. Especially in the summer. Beer consumption in America though has actually been trending down for some time, according to Thrillist.

Though the bubbly beverage still remains the number 1 choice in America when it comes to alcohol, according to 24/7 Wall St. Beer ranks #1 with Americans at 43%, wine is the favorite of 32% including myself, and 20% choose liquor and their favorite drink.

24/7 also put a list together of the states that drink the most beer in the U.S. and according to the survey, the Top 5 states for the most beer drinking are WisconsinNorth and South Dakota, Montana and New Hampshire comes in at #1 with over 40 gallons of beer consumed per adult resident.

New Jersey actually ranks as one of the states with the lowest beer consumption among adults coming in at # 47 on the list. Only Maryland, Connecticut and Utah rank lower.

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