Yesterday, I told you that Cape May was seriously considering allowing outdoor alcohol consumption and open containers with booze on their boardwalk to help the local businesses that are offering to go cocktails.

A vote took place yesterday afternoon and the verdict is in: IT PASSED!

It does look like officials decided to go with "Plan B" aka the stricter set of rules for this temporary rule change.

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Drinking in public will be allowed on Cape May's beach, promenade, local mall and several streets.

The streets where drinking is allowed are:

  • Lafayette Street from Perry to Franklin
  • 400 block of Bank Street
  • 400 block of Elmira Street
  • Perry to Beach [starting at Lafayette]
  • Jackson to Beach [starting at Lafayette]
  • Decatur to Beach [starting at Lafayette]
  • Ocean to Beach [starting at Lafayette]
  • Washington Street [Perry to Jefferson Street]
  • Carpenters Lane [Perry to Ocean]
  • Lyle Lane [Perry to Ocean]
  • Howard from Columbia to Beach
  • 1300 block of Texas Avenue
  • Beach Avenue from Patterson to Pittsburgh

However, you are still not allowed to openly consume alcohol on city streets, highways and in vehicles.


This new rule change goes into affect immediately but this temporary rule will only last until November 1st.

And of course, you must be at least 21 years old to legally drink and you will need to have a valid ID on you at all times.

When you purchase your "to go cocktails," it will be given to you in a sealed container. Drinks can only be unsealed when drinking in a designated area in public. Consumption can only take place using plastic cups or container and it can only hold up to 16 ounces at one time.

“No glass cups or bottles shall be permitted for open containers,” the resolution says. “Persons consuming in public must limit themselves to a single drink, and may not bring large containers of alcoholic beverages, such as kegs or coolers, into places where public consumption is allowed."

Sounds like they are just trying to avoid a party-like situation that could easily go out of control. And they are totally right....did you hear about what happened in Point Pleasant the other day? 

North Wildwood, Atlantic City and Wildwood have also passed ordinances to temporarily allow drinking booze in public to help their local businesses.

Just gonna throw this out there: it is highly unlikely that this law will ever be permanent...BUT....if we act responsibly, we may be able to at least get our officials to think about it. So go have your fun but be safe and responsible. Make me proud.

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