You're a college student driving to school to take a final exam in chemistry. You've studied forever, you're nervous, you're amp'ing yourself up to do your best -- then your car breaks down on the way to college. What do you do?

According to a post on the New Jersey State Police Facebook page, that scenario played out for John Lancelotti.

Earlier this month, Lancelotti was driving southbound on the Garden State Parkway headed for a chemistry final at Stockton University when his car broke down in Eagleswood Township.

This happened at around 9:02 AM and his exam started at 10:00. With his parents out of the area, his odds of taking that exam looked rather small.

Luckily for John, State Trooper I Kimberly Snyder was nearby. Trooper I Snyder let John hop in her patrol car and drove him to Stockton in time for the test.

In a post on their Facebook page, the NJSP said,

Now some cynical types out there may say, “So what, big deal!” But in a letter that John’s parents sent to us, it was a big deal to them and to John as well. They were touched by Tpr. I Snyder’s professionalism and character, and they were extremely grateful that she helped their son during a very stressful time.

No information was available on how John did in his chemistry test.

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