A Spirit Airlines flight attendant has gone viral for her in-flight jokes about her employer's habit of charging for every little thing.

In a TikTok video, an unnamed flight attendant uses her pre-flight announcements to list a number of things that Spirit Airlines does not offer, because if they did, they would charge for them.

No, we do not have sockets for you to plug up your phones, because if we did, we will charge you.No, we do not have blankets for you, because if we did, this is Spirit, and we will charge you. No, your seats do not recline. If they did, again, this is Spirit, and we will charge you.”

Spirit Airlines bills itself as 'the leading, ultra-low-cost carrier' for average flight rates by an airline. They have developed a reputation, however, for add-on fees for things such as a checked bag, overhead carry-on bag, soft drinks, and selected seats.

The flight attendant ends her remarks by adding that Spirit doesn't offer earplugs, because if we did., we would have to...

To which a passenger shouts out, "Charge you!"

Comments to the viral TikTok video include, "She needs a promotion immediately" and "This is why I love Spirit, love their sense of humor. "

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