Mention the Jersey Devil to someone from New Jersey, and you'll likely get a different story from each person.  Everyone from our state knows about the Jersey Devil, but we've got other strange legends you may not know of.

Not all of these creatures are scary like the devil.  For instance, the White Stag is actually a beautiful white deer.  It's very rare to find one, but legend has it that if you do see one, beware.  The White Stag warns you of impending bad that's about to happen.  If you come across one, its best to turn around, and head back where you came from...after taking a selfie, of course.  This legend actually has many variations around the world and in different cultures.

Google the term Atco Ghost, and your screen will fill with stories of people who claim to have seen him.  Legend has it that many years ago, a little boy was run over by a drunk driver on Burnt Mill Road in the Pinelands while chasing his basketball.  To this day, people visit the area and go through a series of rituals, hoping to get a glimpse of the Atco Ghost.

If you want to find the Jersey Devil, you might want to check out a place called "The Blue Hole." It's deep in the Pinelands of Winslow Township and got its name from the deep blue color of the water.  The water is said to be crystal clear blue, freezing cold year-round.  Be warned, legend has it that people have been sucked in this bottomless body of water to never be seen or heard from again.  Legend has it that the Jersey Devil has been known to frequent this spot.  This is definitely not a place for your next hiking adventure.




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