This Wawa store is one I patronize weekly and know well. This Wawa serves as the general store for this section of town; it's a meeting place, the spot to grab coffee or a sandwich or to pick up a quick gallon of milk. Now, it is closing.

Word that Wawa is closing its Ventnor Heights location on Dorset Ave at midnight Wednesday is hitting the community hard.

Facebook posts convey the feeling of people done wrong. "Not happy at all With it where are all the other people supposed to do walk to that wawa", " I really can’t believe how sad I am about this", "What the f*** are you serious that's where I go to get my stuff in the mornings before work what an inconvenience", "Oh man this is my WAWA, I am so sad".

Sure, this wasn't one of the new super Wawa's with a gas station and all the latest amenities, but it was a really convenient store for many in the area and it offered services that were truly needed... and it was always busy!

There is another Wawa store in town on Ventnor Avenue, but it's not nearly as convenient. This also leaves one more empty Ventnor Heights store front, in a town that is still clawing its way back from Hurricane Sandy.

Someone could make a pretty good living running their own mom and pop store in this location.

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