Life is very different right now. You might be sitting at home right now trying to get work done while you try to get your kids to do their school work. It's a bit hectic, I get it. In this current situation you are their school mates or they are your coworkers. I've seen so many memes on social media this week where parents refer to themselves as the teacher and/or principal and their kids as their students. Honestly, they're pretty funny.

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We decided to flip things by referring to kids as coworkers because, out of context, the phrases could be pretty funny. We asked you to let us know what your kids are doing at home this week, but refer to them as your coworkers and the responses were pretty hysterical.

These are just a few of the responses we received.

Ron H. said:

My coworker slept till 10 yesterday, came out of his office wearing only underwear and asked me to make breakfast for him.

Bobby M. told us:

My co-worker has been going into the trash and picking out the egg shells and licking them.

Courtney K. has a mischievous coworker:

My co-worker likes to pee and poop a lot in his diaper and expects me to change it and even has the nerve to laugh and say hi when changing it, my co-worker also like to say “uh oh” a lot and I worry what he just did.

Patti F.'s coworker does not understand boundaries:

My co worker pulled the shower curtain open to tell me I’m pretty, he then stuck mini pancakes to his head.

Victoria C.'s coworker has some explaining to do:

[My] coworker crawled into bed with me last night and peed his pants this morning...he also refuses to leave the dog alone and [I] walked in on him licking the [dog's] face.

If you have unruly coworkers, we wish you the best of luck.

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