Did you notice an empty lifeguard stand on the beach in Cape May?

It turns out that there is a severe shortage of lifeguards in Cape May and the Beach Patrol is looking to recruit and hire!

This seems to be a common occurrence at other beaches in Atlantic and Cape May counties and beach patrol members are struggling to fill out the lifeguard rosters.

“We’re eight people short,” said Lt. Terry Randolph. “I’m in my 39th year on the Beach Patrol, and this is the first year it’s happened. Usually, we have to turn people away.”

If you are interested, lifeguard candidates must be able to swim half-a-mile in under 15 minutes and run a mile in under 7:30 minutes. (The specific times and lengths may vary depending on patrols and town)

We do not have a specific website if you are interested in becoming a lifeguard but job postings can be easily found when you use google search. For example, click HERE.

This recent lifeguard shortage trend is due to the rising cost of living in South Jersey along with the availability other jobs that pay better and require less commitment.

Lifeguards are expected to train early in the morning before their shift and on average, make about $95.00 a day which can be tough to compete with when a 16-year-old can work at a restaurant and make $150 per day as a bus boy.

So as a result, the Beach Patrol has bumped up the pay to make the job more alluring. First-year guards start out making $12.50/hour for the first 50 days. They then will make $13.50/hour and those who are still guarding after August 15th are given an extra $15 per day.

For more information, check out the original article at PressOfAtlanticCity.com.

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