A Cape May realtor has posted photos and video of two women stealing one of the large decorative pumpkins from their Halloween display over the weekend.

In a humorous Facebook post, Desatnick Real Estate says that although they like a little Halloween mischief, they want their pumpkin back or they plan to call the pumpkin police.

The attached video shows two adult women approaching the company's Halloween display around 8:30 pm on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Almost immediately, the women choose one of the large pumpkins and begin to roll it away. The surveillance video shows the women struggling to push the heavy pumpkin across the driveway.

After the video ends, still photographs make it clear that the women had loaded the pumpkin into the back of a white hatchback car and drove away.

In the Facebook post, the real estate company gives the women an ultimatum:

If the pumpkin-nappers have a change of heart and bring our beloved pumpkin back within the next 24 hours, we promise to take this post down, NO questions asked. But if not, we’ll be forced to call in the pumpkin police! ‍♀️
Let’s spread some Halloween love and help us unmask the pumpkin bandits.


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