George and Clair Kesnig of Somers Point, who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on February 20th, both died earlier this month, just 21 hours apart.

70-Year Love Story Ends a Day Apart

After living fascinating lives, George Kesnig, 96, and his wife Clair, 91, passed away peacefully with their children nearby.

George died on March 13th and Clair passed on March 14th, according to the couple's obituary, which adds that they spent a lifetime together here on Earth and now an eternity in Heaven.

 Amazing Life Stories

Goerge Kesnig lived a fascinating life, including active duty service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

In Korea, Kesnig served as part of the only Army battalion that assisted the Marines at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, now known as the Frozen Chosin. According to his obituary, he flew 85 missions in a small, unarmed plane with only a pistol to protect himself.

After his military career, Kesnig managed the Chi Chi's restaurant in Somers Point and served as the city's court clerk.

Geroge Kesnig liked volunteering to help with youth sports and was one of the founders of the Somers Point Sharks Football Association.

Clair Kesnig raised the kids and was involved in the Somers Point PTA. She was a member of the Somers Point City Council for nine years, including a term as president.

Clair was also the first woman president of the Atlantic County League of Municipalities. The obituary says she was most proud of her role as mother to the four children and being the #1 carpool mom.

George and Clair Kesnig will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

See their obituary.

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