The odor of smoke from a brush fire in Batsto section of the  Wharton State Forest Sunday evening could be smelled as far away as New York City.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the fire, in a remote section of the Pinelands, initially affected about 30 acres and soon spread to as much as 1500 acres.

At a press briefing Sunday night reported on TV-40, Assistant Division Forest Fire Warden Michael Achey said the fire was about 30% contained. "At the height of the fire we had 10 wild engines we call them, 2 air drop airplanes and one helicopter working the fire as well as some bulldozers, large track vehicles assisting us to put the fire out."

The fire did not threaten any structures and there are no reports of injuries.

New York City's emergency management office alerted residents in Brooklyn and Staten Island that they might smell smoke from the blaze, which is at least 90 miles away.