This summer, the crowds on the beach have been insane. Whenever the weather cooperates, people have been flocking to the sand all along the Garden State coast.

The latest controversy to hit the sand this summer is something called 'Beach Spreading', according to This is when a huge party of beachgoers set up massive tents and canopies, basically taking up a large area of the beach.

Belmar in Monmouth County could be the latest shore town to ban tents more than 3 feet tall or wide on the beach if officials (who are set to vote on the proposal in September) pass the ban. The ban wouldn't take effect until Summer 2018. There are already bans in effect on beaches in Avalon, Long Beach and Seaside Heights.

My wife and I try to spend as much time as we can on the beach during the summer. We make a bee line to a different location as soon as we see one of these massive tents on the beach. I don't mind a smaller tent at all, it's just the large ones that can get a little wild.

Would you like to see a tent ban in effect on the South Jersey beaches next summer? Take our poll and let us know!



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