Here comes the Holiday season. It's almost time to get the decorations out and put up the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the holidays also brings out some not so nice holiday scams.

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One of the scams to resurface again on the naughty scam list is the Secret Sister Gift Exchange. According to the USA Today, this scam is back for the 2020 holiday season.

The Better Business Bureau also had posted a scam warning concerning the illegal Secret Sister Gift Exchange Club. The potential holiday hacker and scam artist will ask you to buy one $10 gift and send it to a secret sister with a promise of getting 6-36 gifts back. The scammer then will tell you information on your secret sister will be sent shortly.

If something sounds like its too good to be true, it probably is especially daring the holiday season. Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau to make sure you wont get scammed this Christmas.

  • Ignore any type of chain letter involving money or gifts
  • Keep in mind if If you're promised big returns you are being scammed and the scam is illegal.
  • Report any suspicious posts on social media inviting you to join a pyramid club.
  • Never give any type of personal information to strangers. This is the easiest way to get duped for Christmas including identity theft.
  • Be on the lookout of false claims. Some clever scammers will try to sell you the fact the the pyramid club is legal and endorsed by the government. The government would never endorse any type of illegal activity.

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