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Amidst the ”different” Christmas season we are part of for 2020, we continue to try and find fun and safe ways to enjoy the holidays with our family and friends. One way to accomplish both is the outdoor lights display at Historic Smithville Village  in Galloway Township.

Smithville is not a secret, many of our listeners have been going for year's. It is such a cool escape as you walk through this little village on the lake. There is coffee, food, shopping and entertainment. Quite often there are themed events happening year round.

Currently Smithville is all decked out for Christmas. You can check out the dancing lights that perform on the water along with your holiday music favorites. Thousand of lights that are synchronized to Christmas music, quite a sight and you can still check them out through January 5th.....usually 5:30 to 9 pm.

Also for Christmas you can have a chat with the ”talking” Christmas 🎄..... Check for hours, because the tree does nap on occasion as I found out.

We found it the perfect place to sight-see for the holidays. It's outdoors, plenty of social distance and it's cold so you don't mind having that mask on....safe and fun.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the ”Holiday Light Show on the Lake”


Historic Smithville Christmas Lights



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