Deep Tissue Laser uses specific light wavelengths to treat pain. Light therapy has been around since the 16th century. Scientifically proven new technology works on a cellular level to reduce pain.  This light therapy helps repair damaged cells and activate inter-cellular activity. This inter-cellular activity reduces healing times and speeds up recovery. Deep tissue laser reduces inflammation and increases the micro-circulation to the area being treated. As the cell recovers, the healing is complete and pain is reduced or eliminated. 

    This is a protocol based modality and is different for everyone. The average treatment time is 15-30 minutes depending on the area of concern. The length of time for treatment is based on if the pain is chronic or acute. Most acute conditions need approximately 3-6 treatments while chronic conditions need about 7-12 treatments.  However, some acute pain can be reduced in 2-4 visits. Most chronic pain can be kept at bay with maintenance treatments. Deep tissue laser treatments are cumulative, which means the cells continuously repair after each treatment. It is important to follow the specific protocol for each condition to achieve maximum results. 

    This system is a Class IV laser, Light Force FX model and the newest therapeutic laser. It is safe for treatment over all surgical hardware. Laser therapy treats everything from muscle spasms, neck pain, knee and joint pain, low back and sciatica pain as well as arthritis. This is a great option for a drug-free alternative to pain.

     Robin Stoloff gets the laser therapy on her knee from Theresa Brumble, Laser Specialist with Fast Track to Health in Somers Point.  Check out the video!

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