It’s official, The 19th Annual MEET AC Atlantic City Airshow has achieved an estimated record crowd of 550,000 spectators.

Michael Chait, President of The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce provided this number.

The crowd size is determined by a collaboration of the Atlantic City fire department, the Atlantic City Police Department, along with various Airshow experts that are on hand.

The previous record was an estimated 540,000 spectators.

It’s been a glorious day, with spectacular civilian and military performers.

The United States Air Force Thunderbirds are performing as we file this report and they have not disappointed. They have been spectacular in today’s airshow.

Here is some of the early action. First up, the elite, the incomparable United States Army Golden Knights.

Don P. Hurley
Don P. Hurley

The Atlantic City Airshow is produced by David Schultz Airshows, the gold standard in the airshow industry.

Schultz’s pedigree is noted, beginning back in 1994 as a military aircraft acquisition company for Airshows throughout North America.

David and his team are very well traveled. David Schultz is a pioneer in airshow standardization, where David is recognized by the FAA for his innovation in standards that continue to increase Airshow safety.

Congratulations to MEETAC, The Greater Atlantic City chamber of commerce and all of the working partners who were instrumental in making today the record-setting success that it was.

It was a glorious, perfect day here at America’s largest midweek air show, the MEET AC Atlantic City air show.

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